Sample Interview Questions: Why Should We Hire You?

Sample Interview Questions: Why Should We Hire You? was originally published on Vault.

This is often considered a “gotcha” question, as it can be meant to trip you up. That said, it isn't all that difficult. How you should view this question is an opportunity to sell yourself to the hiring manager. Review your résumé and find three to four selling points that you can reference during the interview.

First, look for summer job experience, skills, fellowships, internships, courses, or association experience on your résumé that are a good match for the job in question. Try to develop at least two success stories in which you cast yourself in a positive light and link this success to the job duties of the new position.

Also, be sure to give concrete examples. If you are touting your writing skills, be sure to reference the college award you won for best legal brief or a letter of reference from your summer internship coordinator lauding your writing abilities.

One other thing to remember: It's fine to note what you'll gain by being hired, but the hiring manager really doesn't care about that. He or she needs to know that they are hiring someone who will bring value to the firm and improve its bottom line—and you need to stress this in your response.