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Graduate Students

The role of the CALES Career Center is to offer broad support to all students in CALES in preparation for post-degree careers. The Center’s focus is to help students refine personal narratives and identify career paths that align with individual interests and needs. The resources available support students in developing the CALES Career Competencies and entrepreneurial mindset encompassing the transferable skills that allow CALES graduates to lead and innovate in any sector or industry.


CALES Career Center

Student Appointments – Schedule appointments in CatCloud. Staff are available to discuss career planning and strategies, application document review, networking and mentoring, and other career topics.

CALES Life Management Counseling- Located in Forbes 204 or online CALES Life Management provides wellness consultations. 

CALES Learning Lab – Located in Forbes 204, the Learning Lab can connect you with two specialized coaches to develop goals, skills, and strategies to learn how to become a better learned.

University of Arizona

Graduate Center – The University of Arizona Graduate Center is a resource for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars. The programs and partnerships across campus are designed to help students develop inclusive leadership skills and collaborative opportunities. The Graduate Center resources section offers a wide array of links to resources ranging from career prep and job search to academic writing and research. Graduate Center events are integrated into the CALES Virtual Career Center calendar.

The Alumni Career Lab – The Alumni Career Lab offers resources for career planning, mentoring networks to connect with professionals and alumni, and conversations with professionals about their career path and successes. The Alumni Career Lab is not just for alumni – it is for students that will become alumni as well and is a great resource for building your network and exploring professional pathways.

The Beardown Network – The Beardown Network is a component of The Alumni Career Lab and is an application that allows you to make direct connections to other UArizona alumni, utilize discussion boards, and expand your professional network.


Graduate Impact Leader Fellows Program-The Impact Leader program is a professional development program for CALES graduate students. It is an honor to be selected for this program as an Impact Leader Fellow. The 24 Fellows represent the premier graduate students across the diverse disciplines of the College. As a cohort, Fellows will gain knowledge in developing effective teams, communicating with diverse individuals and navigating their careers. Additionally, Fellows will be matched with industry coaches who can give them industry perspectives, help to build a professional network, and highlight the skillsets required to be successful.

The CALES leadership team strongly supports participation in this professional development training and understands that this is an additional commitment on your schedule. We are committed to assist in conversations with your mentor, supervisor and/or course instructors to prioritize your participation. Apply Here!

Tucson Young Professionals (TYP)-TYP is a professional network that provides professional events, mid- career development & advocacy indicatives. Redeem your membership through CALES! Interested? Reach out to Colin Eischeid:

CALES Career Talks- Join the CALES Career Center for our weekly Career Talks. Each week you’ll meet a different industry professional and connect with current internship, job, or volunteer opportunities. Free lunch is provided to all students who RSVP and attend in-person! Stay tuned in for more updates about the Fall 2024 presenters! Stay up to date on our Student Events page.


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